CCNY-Missoula Poetry Residency

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During the third week of May Shady Spruce hosted a very delightful and talented group of writers from inner city New York.  Their work was a welcome addition to a fresh seasonal start at making new friends.  Explore their blog below!

- This residency is a collaboration between Michelle Valladares, poet and Co-Director of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at The City College of New York and Chris Dombrowski, poet, river guide and Director of the Beargrass Writing Workshops in Montana. Five CCNY undergraduate creative writing students will travel to Missoula, Montana, to hike, canoe, write poems and think about wilderness, landscape and the relationship between the environment and their writing.


- Chris Dombrowski
How has living in Montana influenced your poetry?
"Living in Montana is a constant inspiration but it also reminds me of the miniscule nature of poetry compared to the natural world."

Like Ikkyu wrote,
            clouds very high look
            not one word helped them get there