What do I get at the Shady Spruce that I won’t find at a hotel?


We call ourselves a “make your own bed & breakfast” to describe the emphasis we place on providing comfortable, but basic facilities – you bring the “extras.”

We offer a fully provisioned guest kitchen/dining area where you can prepare your own meals, a cozy common room with internet access and a library of books, and games. You’ll also find secure storage for bikes, skateboards, fishing rods and skis.

Our accommodation model is simple, yet extremely comfortable. Outside bedding or towels are not permitted in the hostel, as we provide clean linens, duvets, and towels. Rooms are ‘retreat style’ without telephone or television. The dorms and triple room beds are, “bunk style” and our Private Suite offers a private bathroom while throughout the house guests share clean, well appointed washrooms and showers.

Frequently, the Shady Spruce will host special events such as movie nights and potluck dinners, art openings and lectures.  We facilitate connections between our guests and local residents who may speak the same languages, or share similar interests. We aim to create and host a vibrant traveling community.

So… The Shady Spruce is more than just an inexpensive place to sleep?

Our philosophy of “creating community” is not just about the ambiance we offer at the hostel. It’s about opening a doorway through which travelers can enter into the life of the region they are visiting, and through which residents of that region can enter in return, to gain from the energy, vitality and wealth of ideas which travelers bring with them.

And what about the cost?

Based on room rates alone, a stay at the Shady Spruce is highly competitive with that of a conventional hotel.

  • Our overnight rates are inclusive of all applicable charges. And, if you’re traveling on your own, you can choose to share a room with other travelers, instead of paying for an entire room yourself.
  • You can cook your own meals, thereby saving on the cost of dining out for every meal.
  • You’re sharing a dynamic environment with international travelers from around the world and participating in activities and programs that connect you with others.

And, you’re having this experience for as little as $40 per person / per night (or even less, if you are part of a larger group)

We are welcoming of guests of all ages as long as they are young at heart.

For the discerning experienced traveler we would recommend the added comforts of a private room to still enjoy the overall hosteling atmosphere.

For our very young backpackers, the rule is that, due to issues with noise and life schedules, we do not allow children under the age of 10 in the dorms. Children over 10 are welcome in our triple room and suite (max. 2 occupants), when accompanied by at least 1 parent or guardian.

Is Hostelling only for “Youth”?

No, however, members of Hostelling International do receive preferential overnight rates.

Do I have to be a member of Hostelling International?